Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Adventure

Greetings! For the next few months I will be teaching English in the land of a thousand smiles, more formally known as Thailand. I will be flying into Thailand on Sunday, September 13th. My route will be from Columbus to Houston, Houston to Los Angeles, LA to Taipei, then finally Taipei to Bangkok...a total of 32 hours traveling from Columbus to Bangkok. During my time in Thailand I know I will face a tremendous amount of happiness and hardship. I will venture to many different parts of Southeast Asia where I will surely be greeted with smiles and unfortunately severe poverty as well. This trip, more than any other, will change and mold my views on life. I am eager to embark on a new journey into a different way of living -- much different from any other I have ever experienced. If you find the time in your busy schedules, please feel free to follow me through my blog in my journey teaching, exploring, living and learning in Southeast Asia! I will talk to you all soon once I have landed in Thailand, la-gon! (goodbye in Thai, also the only phrase I know in the language)

- Nick


  1. Safe travels, my friend! I'm excited and envious for all of the adventures you are about to experience. Sorry our paths didn't cross in Columbus last weekend. Cheers. T

  2. Nice dude. Welcome to the Far East. Looking forward to hearing more.